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Thick vs Fat

As a plus sized girl it’s defiantely convinient to call yourself ‘thick’ or ‘curvy.’  These are essentially words of endearment for women who have a little (or a lot) more flesh on their bones. On one hand there are plus sized women who proclaim that they are curvy, but on the other side of the fence are critics who claim that curvy is simply an acronym for obsese. Such constant debate lends the question: what is the difference between fat and thick? Is there one? hmmm.


It’s Just a Number

In today’s size obsessed society many women (actually, perhaps most women) are overly concerned with the size tag on their clothes. Most of us would rather say we’re a size 10 (6 in the USA) than admit to being a size 18 (14 USA).  It seems that no one wants to admit their true dress size even though most of us aren’t honest about it. Lets forget the emotional/psychological mumbo jumbo and get back to the ‘guiding’ intention of this post and blog. The point I’m trying to make is that we all need to stop obsessing over the number on the label. Afterall it’s just a number. If you try on a 16 and it looks better on you than the 10 then buy the 16! One of the keys to looking great is to wear clothes that look great on you irrespective of the size. Remember a size tag is just a number!

Do’s and Don’ts of Plus Sized Fashion – Part One


  • Think ‘figure first’.  One of the keys to dressing well is to know your body well. Seriously well. Look in the mirror, what are your best physical features? What areas would you rather keep concealed? Think about it, create a mental list if you have to, and everytime you shop or even get dressed, choose your clothes based on what flatters you and what doesn’t. For example, I HATE my arms. Yes I do! In fact, for years I kept them hidden in long-sleeved tops, jumpers and even put makeup on them (I know silly right). Nowadays, I’ve realised that even though they are not my best feature, I can still wear nice short-sleeved tops and look decent in them. Perhaps I’m just more confident now, maybe.  My point is that over the years  I have identified my good and not so  good parts. Thus, when I’m shopping now or even just getting dressed to go down the street, I know exactly what looks right on me and what doesn’t. Don’t get me wrong, it takes time to figure it out and along the way you may experience many fashion faux pas, but its a journey worth travelling.


Do's and Don'ts of Plus Sized Fashion

The Infamous Muffin Top

Don’t buy clothes that don’t fit you. I see it all the time, grazing through the streets of London minding my own business when I notice a lady wearing a top/ t-shirt 2 sizes too small. Muffin top and all.  If you see a top in a shop that looks amazing and is on sale, but is also a size 8 when your a size 16, move away from it! We all do it though. It’s so tempting to try something on thats on sale and think ‘I might as well buy it and I’ll loose weight, I swear… I promise I’ll loose weight and I’ll fit into it by next month.’ A month later, that skirt has been tossed to the back of your wardrobe and your begging your friend/sister/ cousin to take it off you.

Stay tuned  for part 2…

Hitting the Screen

Great news ladies! I found out yesterday that H&M (aka Hennes & Mauritz) is finally going online. I can’t believe it has taken them this long. The internet is such a great vehicle for fashion and in my humble opinion it was silly of them not to tap into this market sooner. Anyway, H&M will launch on the 16th September, giving fashionistas everywhere the opportunity to view their collections and shop via their website. Apparently, if you subscribe to their newsletter you get the chance to preview the site a week before everyone else!

The Beauty of Online Shopping

In recent months I have become a real online splurger. It’s weird because I was never really into online shopping partly because of the fear that I might be conned by some internet scammer etc. However, as the days pass I find myself preferring to shop online rather than in stores. Why you ask? Well…

  1. Online clothes shopping can actually be a lot cheaper! Seriously. For example, offers free delivery in the UK. That is essentially a huge saving for me. Journeying to the shops would mean having to spend money on transport (which is pretty expensive in London) and food (I do get mighty peckish during a shopping spree).
  2. Convinience. Its so easy to just go onto your favourite clothing website, browse and add all of the items you like. Plus if I see something I like I can order it within a few minutes and have it delivered when I need it.
  3. Sizeing. Most good online retailers do larger sizes, which for big girls is extremely important. I actually find it easier to order larger sizes online as opposed to hunting them down when I’m in shops. Plus the frustration of not finding my size drives me mad!

The one thing that stops me from being a total online clothes addict is that I’m a complete meiser. I feel guilty everytime I spend money. Whether it’s for business, pleasure or anything in between. Crazy eh! I guess its a blessing in disguise. I am absolutely dying to try a few more things from Asos Curve like:

Asos Curve Maxi Dress £20

Asos Curve Floral Top £8

Asos Hawaiian Cocktail Dress £38

Aren’t these outfits adorable? What do you think?


After months of deliberating about starting a blog, I’ve finally decided to push the nervousness aside and just go for it.

Well I guess your probably thinking, ‘what the heck is this blog about’? Well to put it simply- PrettyBig is about embracing plus sized fashion and beauty. But thats not just it. My motivation for starting this blog lies in a passion for educating women about how to look their best. It sounds so simple, and ideally fashion should be simple, in fact it actually is. Nonetheless, so many millions of women get it wrong. I really hope that this blog will inspire other women by providing advice, tips and inspiration from all over the plus sized realm.